It’s That Time of the Year

September is a high stress season. Kids are going back to school with it comes a whole host of issues and conflicts and stress. And soon after, Halloween and Christmas will follow.

Knowing what’s to come may overwhelm some even as we end the summer season and the temptation to return to the old habits might be especially strong.

Make smart decisions and make them ahead of time. Get your home, work place, car, any other places you frequent cleared of old junk or anything that may tempt you or remind you.

Stay strong and remind yourself often how much you regret you felt before when it was all said and done.

Stay strong and be smart.

Chiropractic Care – The Unlikely Rehab Tool

Not many people know this, but proper chiropractic care can make drug rehab programs much more successful.

According to a recent study, those receiving chiropractic care was 55% more successful in their treatment from a rehab clinic. One major factor was because of the general sense of well-being the chiropractic care generated in those receiving treatment. That helped in continuing with the rehab programs as outlined and their drop-off rate reduced, which contributed in the overall increase.

But another factor is the actual adjustments. It has been suggested that misaligned spine can interfere with neural transmission of signals from the parts of the body and the brain, thereby disrupting ideal rehab process. With the fine tuning and adjustments of the spine, the body is allowed to function better and closer to its optimal state, which aids in the success rate of the rehab program as well.

Because the general public doesn’t often recognize the positive effects of chiropractic care for those in drug rehab program, not many chiropractors advertise to this market. As a result, you may have a difficult time finding one willing to work with a recovering drug addict.

I would suggest just doing a simple Google search and then contacting a whole bunch of them and asking if they have any experience working with those in drug rehabs. One I found was located in Ontario.

Another good potential place is to do a similar search in YouTube. Apparently, it’s the world’s second largest search engine, after Google. And because it’s owned by the same company (Google), it often returns similar or complementary results.

If you are out of luck in finding someone who specializes in working with rehab patients, you can try searching for those who may have had experience working with alcoholics. Or, those with severe chronic pains. It feels a bit wrong to say it, but look for chiropractors who work with work injuries. These can often be debilitating and many are unfortunately addicted to pain drugs to some level. And chiropractors who have worked with them may be your next best chance.

Drug Rehab – Knowing When

Drug and alcohol dependency has actually been a huge continuous issue for many in our society. The problem spins rapidly out of control as the majority of addicts do not understand that they may have an issue. Lots of wrongly believe that their addiction is recreational or manageable, but frequently they are typically in rejection. Once an individual begins to need drugs or alcohol to feel good about themselves, or make it through the day, they have actually usually crossed the line and need major aid.



Ending up being an addict is not an over night process. The addict typically starts out as a periodic user, drinking or utilizing drugs in social settings. They may attend a party where alcohol is served and have a few too many, or attempt other drugs such as cannabis or valiums to loosen up after a long week. Weekend events with friends or Friday night happy hours end up being sources of comfort, making the potential addict comfortable with the sensation she or he gets while drinking or utilizing. The association of drugs with fun recreational or social setting also aids in confusing the users more and deepening their want and sense of dependency.

This relationship takes a turn for the worse when the elevating effects of the drug become weaker and weaker with each use while at the same time the crash afterward becomes stronger and stronger. These are commonly referred to as A-State and B-State. During the process of becoming addicted, a switch happens where the drug user no longer takes the drug to experience the desired effects of A-State. Instead, they begin to take the drug in order to escape the undesirable effects of the B-State. This is when a user truly becomes an addict. And the terrifying news is that it only gets worse; sometimes until this behavior results in overdosing on the drug.



When it concerns dependency, be it coffee, cigarettes, alcohol or any other drugs you need to want to stop to truly start a life free from dependency. You can know that you have to stop, nevertheless, understanding you have to and having a desire to actually do so is different. People do not smoke because it is healthy; cigarette smokers know that smoking cigarettes kills, however they do it anyhow. The only way to successfully quit anything is to have the desire to stop. If you have considered giving up, however haven’t been able to do it on your own, you need to look for assistance. As soon as you ask yourself if you have a problem, or think about having to slow or stop down, you have a problem that has actually ended up being bigger than you can, or should attempt, to solve alone. Be truthful with yourself; get the help that you need. You will get better, however if you can not stop you must get the assistance you need prior to it is far too late.